0 65cm 7M Car Styling Reflective Tape DIY Stickers Automotive Car Body Motorcycle Wheel Hub Rim Stripe Decal Warning Safety in Car Stickers from Automobiles Motorcycles

0 65cm 7M Car Styling Reflective Tape DIY Stickers Automotive Car Body Motorcycle Wheel Hub Rim Stripe Decal Warning Safety in Car Stickers from Automobiles Motorcycles
0 65cm 7M Car Styling Reflective Tape DIY Stickers Automotive Car Body Motorcycle Wheel Hub Rim Stripe Decal Warning Safety in Car Stickers from Automobiles Motorcycles
0 65cm 7M Car Styling Reflective Tape DIY Stickers Automotive Car Body Motorcycle Wheel Hub Rim Stripe Decal Warning Safety in Car Stickers from Automobiles Motorcycles
0 65cm 7M Car Styling Reflective Tape DIY Stickers Automotive Car Body Motorcycle Wheel Hub Rim Stripe Decal Warning Safety in Car Stickers from Automobiles Motorcycles
0 65cm 7M Car Styling Reflective Tape DIY Stickers Automotive Car Body Motorcycle Wheel Hub Rim Stripe Decal Warning Safety in Car Stickers from Automobiles Motorcycles
0 65cm 7M Car Styling Reflective Tape DIY Stickers Automotive Car Body Motorcycle Wheel Hub Rim Stripe Decal Warning Safety in Car Stickers from Automobiles Motorcycles

Product Specification

Item Type: Stickers

Sticker Placement: The Whole Body

Type: Glue Sticker

Design: Color Change

Model: Oem

Model Name: RF

Item Length: 0.65cm

Item Width: 7m

Item Height: 0inch

Item Diameter: 2inch

is_customized: Yes

Packaging: Not Packaged

Type Of Sticker: Other

Category: PVC

Brand Name: Carlas

Material Type: PVC

Name: Wheel Rim Decal

Material Type: PVC

Color: Red/Orange/Green

Size: 0.65cm*7M

Package: Plastic Bag

Usage: Anti-Scratch

Warranty: 1 Year

Air Channel: With air channel

Durable temperature: -30℃ to 140℃



product show.jpg



effect show.jpg1546.jpg





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