1 Meter Nano Fly Mosquito Screen Net Mesh for Door Window Protect Baby Family from Insect and Bug in Window Screens from Home Garden

1 Meter Nano Fly Mosquito Screen Net Mesh for Door Window Protect Baby Family from Insect and Bug in Window Screens from Home Garden
1 Meter Nano Fly Mosquito Screen Net Mesh for Door Window Protect Baby Family from Insect and Bug in Window Screens from Home Garden
1 Meter Nano Fly Mosquito Screen Net Mesh for Door Window Protect Baby Family from Insect and Bug in Window Screens from Home Garden
1 Meter Nano Fly Mosquito Screen Net Mesh for Door Window Protect Baby Family from Insect and Bug in Window Screens from Home Garden
1 Meter Nano Fly Mosquito Screen Net Mesh for Door Window Protect Baby Family from Insect and Bug in Window Screens from Home Garden
1 Meter Nano Fly Mosquito Screen Net Mesh for Door Window Protect Baby Family from Insect and Bug in Window Screens from Home Garden

Product Specification

Type: Door & Window Screens

Use: Window

Model Number: Insect Mesh;Insect net

Fixed Type: Hook & Loop Fastener

Screen Netting Material: PP+PE Nano

Package includes:1 x Self Adhesive Hook Tape + 1 x NO Self Adhesive Loop Tape + 1 x Insect Mesh
Notice:If you need>1 meters,We won't cut it.
Promotion: buy 3 get one
Have 20x20 meshes in 1 inch x 1 inch area  
Size: 0.8m or 1m ,1.2m,1.5m fixed width x 1m Height(the width is fixed 0.8m or 1m ,1.2m,1.5m,the length is 1m , 2m ,3m ...purchase by the metre. Enter number of metres required into the quantity bo x. )
Invisible screen mesh is made of PP fiber and nano-coating. It is light in weight, environmentally friendly and healthy. Tasteless, UV Protection4
we supply this in continous lengths,so enter quantity 2 for 2 meters,quantity 3 for 3 meters etc up to 30 meters length.1..1 
Adopt flat weaving technology, chemical corrosion resistance, non slipping wire, durable; allows good airflow.
Good dimensional stability, moderate hardness, smooth, not easy to shrink and deform, good fixed position.3
​ Colour - Grey/White/Black Robust, waterproof and easy to work with due to it being pliable and easy to cut.
 Saved on the air conditioning bill in summer still can isolate insects very well.
Mesh size:about 8 pcs meshes in 1cm. Have 20x20 meshes in 1 x 1 inch area,  which allows for clear visibility while still can isolate insects very well.
For flies, wasps, mosquitoes, moths insects. Flame Resistant. Service life of up to 5 years, durable and easy to clean, Allows good airflow.
       The mesh will arrive folded to keep the shipping charge to a minimum / Heat Resistance -35c to +80c Flame Resistance - self extinguishing 1.25mm Holes, High Strength & Semi Rigid, Select Number Of Meters Required, Supplied In Continuous Length
 Package: the window screen is roll up or fold shipment(depending on area),so the crease is normal,doesn't affect the normal usage,when you open package,please tear it by hand,don't use scissors,In case of broke it.
If there are some creases, please don't worry, it would disappear after tile or hang the screen for a while.
Due to space limitation, screen replacement is FOLDED UP in the package.814g8JLyCLL._SL1500_
Warm Tips:
1. Keep window mesh far away from the flame. Wipe off the dust from the window frame before you install the mesh.
2. Wash it under 30 degree centigrade. Do not iron.
3. Make sure the window frame is cleaned completely to extend the lifetime of the velcro tape.
4. To avoid any damage on the screen mesh, please do not use scissors or sharp tools to open the package.6771S0RL7xF3L._SL1000_




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1 Meter Length Nano Fly Mosquito Screen Net Mesh for Door Window, Protect Baby & Family from Insect and Bug. US $5.98 - 11.96 / Meter Free Shipping.

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